Six Wedding Paradises For Binational Couples

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Binational couples around the world aren't just facing obstacles on their way of trying to legalize their happiness. The hurdles are often insurmountable.

For many, the solution is a wedding in one of the few countries that keep the bureaucratic requirements within reasonable limits.

The Wedding Agency KARINA organizes globally recognized weddings in six countries, which, depending on your individual situation, offer the perfect setting for your marriage.

These are:

- Denmark - Link - the Las Vegas in the Schengen Area

- the love island of Cyprus - Link - member of the EU, but not part of the Schengen Area

- Georgia - Link - visa-free for citizens of many countries

- Gibraltar – Link - British Overseas Territory: not EU

Seychelles- Link , visa free for ALL countries

- Hong Kong - Link – an absolutely unbureaucratic wedding destination

Binational couples don't have to despair. There is almost always a solution to make the dream of getting married come true.

If there is a travel ban or difficulties in obtaining a visa:

Proxy wedding

- also recognized in Germany and many other countries. Please ask for more information.

Describe us your personal situation and let us advise you competently and at fair prices.

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